The Impact Award 2022 Winner – SURI


The first Impact Award in association with FuturePlus ceremony was held on Monday 28 November 2022 at the newly-launched The Lower Third on London’s historic ‘Tin Pan Alley’ (Denmark Street). Designed to celebrate ingenuity in sustainability practices and product development, the panel of judges selected London-born, high-growth winner SURI, for demonstrating huge environmental and social impact in its sector.


Every year over 4 billion toothbrushes end up in landfill or in our oceans. That’s enough to circle the globe twelve times. And electric toothbrushes are nothing to smile about either. Decades of needless innovation, outrageously wasteful packaging, and millions more plastic components and batteries that will never be recycled. We’ve taken the electric toothbrush back to first principles. Creating a design that delivers an exceptional clean for your teeth with a minimal impact on our planet. A world-class clean, made sustainable and joyful. That’s our mission




What our past winners said

“To be the first winner of this award is a real honour. The fact we are gaining expert consultancy on sustainability practices which enables us to transparently show how we are achieving our goals, is vital to the success of our business. In order to scale, we must abide by our high moral and ethical code – one which is inclusive to those socially and economically less fortunate, without compromising on the impact it has on our climate and environment.”

Amelia Gammon

Founder, bide planet

“This award will help us to scale our company in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible. FuturePlus gives us full transparency of our sustainability achievements and ambitions and is constantly consulting us to meet our goals across these five pillars: Climate, Diversity & Inclusion, Social, Economic, and Environment. As a result, it sets us apart from our competitors in an aggressive marketplace and we couldn’t be happier.”

Mark Rushmore

Co-Founder, SURI