The Impact HERE Award in association with FuturePlus

The bi-annual Impact HERE Award in association with FuturePlus, is designed to recognise and celebrate businesses who make an impact.

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Rewarding Impactful Business

The bi-annual Impact HERE Award sponsored by Outernet in association with FuturePlus, is designed to recognise and celebrate businesses who make a particular contribution to one or more of the five key themes of sustainability – Climate, Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Impact, Social Impact, and Environment.

The creation of the award came to life from a mutual vision between Outernet, Here and FuturePlus to showcase scaling start-ups and small businesses looking to do good for our planet.

The Prize

The 2023 Impact HERE Award in association with FuturePlus includes:

  • Promotional Screen time worth £100k at Outernet
  • A year’s subscription and consultancy with FuturePlus, worth around £2,300
  • Bespoke stage time at the Impact HERE Award celebration event held at the Lower Third, in Denmark Street, London 
  • Promotion of your products or services across Outernet and FuturePlus social networks
  • Support for the creation of content displayed on Outernet screens

Our Judging Panel

The judging panel for the 2023 Impact HERE Award in association with FuturePlus includes:

Philip O’Ferrall


Mike Penrose


Jessica Hibberd


Robert Butters

Outernet Live

Miranda Dunbar Johnson

Human Rights Watch Committee London

Alex Johnston

Freud Communications

About Outernet

Outernet is a global media and entertainment company. We create connected city-centre entertainment districts where music, film, art, gaming and retail experiences come to life in new breath-taking ways courtesy of our unique creative and technical capabilities.

Our first district Outernet London is located at the intersection of Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross next to Centre Point. Here you’ll find The Now Building and Now Trending, public galleries featuring giant Ultra HD screens capable of delivering the most jaw-dropping audio-visual experiences in the world. There is also a 2000 capacity state-of the-art live music venue as well as further music and retail spaces spread throughout the district.

About FuturePlus

FuturePlus is a sustainability management platform that makes managing social and environmental impact accessible, affordable, achievable and trackable for every business, not just the 1%. FuturePlus qualifies a company’s sustainability achievements before quantifying and translating them into a realistic and trackable action plan. 

Its indicators, made up of 200-300 questions, educate companies and business leaders to take practical, incremental steps towards sustainability by focusing on five pillars: Climate, Economic, Diversity & Inclusion, Social and Environment. Its indicators align with all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact Certified

Communicating your sustainability goals and dedication to fostering positive change is essential for the success of your business. Embarking on a sustainability journey signifies a significant achievement worthy of recognition and celebration.

That’s why FuturePlus introduced the IMPACT CERTIFIED badge.

Gaining a FuturePlus IMPACT CERTIFIED badge is an accomplishment to take pride in.

Previous Winners

“To be the first winner of this award is a real honour. The fact we are gaining expert consultancy on sustainability practices which enables us to transparently show how we are achieving our goals, is vital to the success of our business. In order to scale, we must abide by our high moral and ethical code – one which is inclusive to those socially and economically less fortunate, without compromising on the impact it has on our climate and environment.”

Amelia Gammon

Founder, bide planet

“This award will help us to scale our company in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible. FuturePlus gives us full transparency of our sustainability achievements and ambitions and is constantly consulting us to meet our goals across these five pillars: Climate, Diversity & Inclusion, Social, Economic, and Environment. As a result, it sets us apart from our competitors in an aggressive marketplace and we couldn’t be happier.”

Mark Rushmore

Co-Founder, SURI