The Impact HERE Award 2023 Winner – Grub Club


 Sustainability-focused pet food pioneer Grub Club has been chosen as the winner of the Impact HERE Award 2023  (formerly the Outernet Impact Award).

The human food space has seen an incredible transformation in the last few years with the rise of dairy alternatives and alternative proteins, giving humans much needed choice and helping reduce the impact of animal agriculture on our environment. Grub Club believes the pet food market is due a similar transformation.

Grub Club estimates that each dog that switches to its products from traditional meat-based food can save up to 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year for each dog that it feeds. Its insect protein requires a fraction of the land and water, and produces significantly less CO2 emissions than animal agriculture. The insects are fed on clean organic waste products like unused fruit, vegetables and spent grains, which they upcycle in a completely circular and zero-waste system. The company’s ambition is to make the pet food industry carbon neutral, and turn every pet into a planet-saver.

Mike Penrose, Co-Founder and Partner at FuturePlus, comments: “At FuturePlus, we love to see young businesses putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do. When it came to Grub Club, it’s clear the company is on a mission to revolutionise the pet food industry through their innovative approach to ingredients and sourcing – and they’re also starting to track and measure the impact they’re having on the planet and society. We’re proud to support Grub Club on its mission and can’t wait to witness their continued success in the coming months.”

Robert Butters, Partner Outernet Venues, adds: “The Outernet Venues, as part of the Outernet District, are committed to helping amplify messages of businesses making a positive impact on the future of the communities in which we live and work, as well as the larger national and global sustainability of our planet. We see the Impact HERE Award as an important step in assisting entrepreneurs bridge the challenges a start-up company faces making social impact while becoming self-sustainable. We are delighted to congratulate Grub Club on their innovative approach to revolutionising the sustainability of the pet food market and wish them continued success as they begin their positive impact journey.”

What our winner said

“Pets play such an amazing role in many of our lives – whether that’s emotional support animals, best friends, members of the family, police K9s, guide dogs, and much more. They help us so much and at Grub Club we’re committed to adding Planet Savers to the list of roles pets play in our lives as humans. We’ve worked so hard to create a fun and exciting brand to breathe some much needed life into the pet food aisle, and this award will be an amazing platform for us to showcase that and give pet parents out there insights into how they can do their bit to help us achieve net zero.”

Alesandro Di Trapani

Co-Founder and CEO, Grub Club